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Created in 2016 and dedicated to innovation and the new economy, SuperToast is for everyone who wants to feel the pulse of innovation happening every day, every hour, every minute...

To start the day with inspiration, the Instinct team prepares a "Morning Toast" every morning, Monday through Friday.

Mondays and Wednesdays

Spotlight on the innovations and strategic moves of the companies leading the new economy.

Tuesday and Thursday

Innovations from startups and large companies that are changing industries.


Suggestions of books, documentaries, movies, series and podcasts related to new economy and innovation.


Interviews with entrepreneurs who have created startups, drivers of innovation ecosystems, or experts on current trends.

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The SuperToast on FM closer to the sea.

Since 2019, SuperToast has been present on Marginal Radio where you can listen Monday through Friday at 8:45am, 2:15pm and 6:50pm on 98.1FM (in the greater Lisbon area) and online at Marginal.FM.