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Explorers by nature, curious by principle, creative by rule, we have developed the instinct to innovate.

Founded in 2012, in Lisbon, Instinct was one of the first innovation agencies in Portugal to cross the analysis of the new economy, the focus on the user and the major technological trends in each project. Meet the team that delivers the future, changes the rules of the game, illuminates business, brings leaders together, inspires and transforms.

Nuno Ribeiro
Co-founder & Managing Partner
Sandra Lucas Ribeiro
Co-founder & Managing Partner
Catarina Nunes
Business Design & Strategy Director
Miguel Alves
Senior Business Analyst
Sérgio Coelho
Senior Business Advisor for Product & Operations
João Miranda
UX/UI Designer
Florian Marmottin
Senior Designer & Metaverse Specialist
Patrícia Santos Silva
Marketing & Communication Manager
Tamara Marques
3D Designer & XR Artist
Rodrigo Ribeiro
Business & Strategy Analyst
Catarina Duarte Silva
UX/UI Designer
Paulo Barreto
Senior Business Advisor for Digital Marketing
Nilene Carsane
Motion Designer & Video Editor
André Santos
Game Developer
Aurélie Vincent
Executive Coach & Speech Trainer
Sofia Alçada
Senior Advisor & Longevity Specialist