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There are often different types of instincts: the survival instinct, the animal instinct, the protective instinct... we have developed the instinct to innovate.

We ground our instinct in the heartbeat of the new economy, decoding the new business models of companies that challenge the status quo like Google, Apple, Meta, Amazon, Tesla, Uber, Netflix, Airbnb, SpaceX... and anticipating the driving forces that individually, socially or technologically can change the rules of the game.

We are convinced that it is through study and knowledge that our instincts become sharpened to respond to the major challenges organisations face today. Some challenges are external, such as the fragmentation and increasing dispersion of customers' attention due to the proliferation of e-commerce, streaming, e-banking, social or even collaborative platforms. And other challenges, more internal, haunted by technological legacy, complex processes or business models that provide poor customer experiences.

One of the first innovation agencies in Portugal.


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Our mission is to inspire managers by increasing their knowledge about the companies that lead the new economy and to support organisations to absorb the talent and knowledge generated by open innovation.

With a customer-centric approach, Instinct helps companies shift their focus: Knowing customers before strategy, thinking about a solution before the technology and, above all, testing before investing.

We believe in the uniqueness of each organisation!

Companies don't have to change their DNA to be innovative, they have to understand their customers and get closer to them to enter the trust cycle. We see trust as one of the greatest assets companies can have.

We believe that innovation can help build a more virtuous future for companies and the world around them, with conviction, responsibility, impact, simplicity and elegance.

The future is what
we do today.