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Innovation Playground: Instinct's new metaverse space

Metaverse, September 26, 2023 - The Innovation Playground by Instinct is a metaverse space dedicated to the exploration of three-dimensional design, immersive experiences and new technologies, with the particularity of being the first space in the metaverse that allows visitors to choose the language (Portuguese or English) with an adaptation of the entire experience, be it the visual interface or the dialog with the avatars.

Upon entering Instinct's Innovation Playground, visitors are guided by Helpy, a drone who gives them instructions throughout the visit (in audio and text) and helps them solve the various challenges they encounter: discovering the signs of the innovation horoscope, helping a cryptocurrency fan recover their passwords, meeting Instinct's founders and answering a quiz about innovation, collecting coins to buy a ticket and traveling in a spaceship, among other experiences. Just like in a video game, as well as earning credits, visitors also earn badges as they complete tasks.

Being an island, having a boat is essential, which is why Instinct challenged Portuguese company FaroBoats to put its Faro5 electric boat and PowerDock charging dock on display and allow all visitors to take the Faro5 for a virtual test drive.

Available in virtual reality, on a computer, tablet or smartphone, this new space on the Spatial platform aims to showcase the development potential for brands that want to provide differentiating experiences. For Nuno Ribeiro, Managing Partner of Instinct, "sooner or later, all brands will be in the metaverse, just as they are today on the internet. At Instinct we believe that the sooner, the better. Now is the time to attract users and participate in defining the new rules and codes of web 3."

A year ago, Instinct opened its metaverse office (a replica of the physical office). Since then, it has developed metaverse spaces for MEO (MEO, MEO Empresas and MEO Kalorama), for the Altice Foundation, as well as RFM's virtual world and an immersive exhibition for the 50th anniversary of the Expresso newspaper. As the dynamization of spaces is one of the most important points in metaverse strategies, Instinct also helped with events, press conferences, presentations and hobbies, guaranteeing an impactful experience for all visitors.

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About Instinct:

Founded in 2012 in Lisbon, Instinct was one of the first innovation agencies in Portugal. Inspired by the leading companies in the new economy and with a customer-centric approach, Instinct helps companies to change their focus: to know customers before strategy, to think about a solution before technology and, above all, to test before investing.

From consultancy to design, technology and communication, Instinct helps large companies realize their best version of the future.