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MEO Companies in the MEO metaverse

9 July 2023

MEO's metaverse allows customers to discover the company's products and services

Nuno Ribeiro, Managing Partner of Instinct, explains the vision for the development of the metaverse space of MEO and MEO Empresas in this report by Exame Informática, on SIC Notícias. 


May 17, 2023

"Yesterday we were...Today we are", says Altice to present the new Meo Empresas brand

This Wednesday also marks the entrance of Meo Empresas into Meo's Metaverse, a virtual reality space developed by the innovation agency Instinct. 

Media and Advertising 
May 17, 2023

Altice Companies is now called MEO Companies

Along with the change, Meo Empresas will also be present in the metaverse, in a project developed by the agency Instinct. A new space which, according to the company, "will allow visitors to get to know the different solutions of the brand's portfolio, as well as solutions.



17 May 2023

Ana Figueiredo, CEO of Altice Portugal: "We have the courage to bring together in a single brand our way of communicating with the market".