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50 years of Expresso in the metaverse by Instinct

March 23, 2023

Express entered the metaverse

The Expresso's 50th anniversary exhibition, as well as some events with the newspaper's management and staff, are now on Metaverse. 


March 24, 2023

50 years of Express in the metaverse

In the metaverse space 50 years of Expresso, visitors can travel through five decades of history with the news that have marked Portugal and the world. 


March 24, 2023

Expresso enters the metaverse with an exhibition marking the newspaper's 50th anniversary

The inauguration is being held with the exhibition "50 Years of Expresso", the country and the world in 50 front pages of the newspaper that marked its 50th anniversary in January. 



March 24, 2023

50 Years of Express" has Instinct in the Metaverse

The exhibition "50 years of EXPRESSO", about the country and the world in 50 front pages of the Portuguese newspaper, comes to the metaverse. The space was designed and developed by the innovation agency Instinct.



Media and Advertising
March 24, 2023

Express enters the metaverse

The exhibit includes the 50 front pages of the newspaper, one for each year, where visitors can also listen to audio that reviews the history of the country and the world, guided by the voices of the journalists of the weekly, year by year.