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Instinct in the metaverse more interactive with video game technology

Launched in September 2022, Instinct's office in the metaverse (a virtual replica of the physical office) has been redeveloped using video game technology for a more realistic and more interactive experience.

The improved graphics quality brings more realism to the virtual tours, and it is now possible to interact with the space and objects. 

Right at the entrance, the avatar Nuno Ribeiro, Instinct's Managing Partner, welcomes you, amid the sound of waves and birds flying through the virtual sky. 

When the visitor's avatar enters the building he hears the sound of Instinct's sound identity, and inside, the SuperToast studio is "smarter", with lights turning on whenever an avatar approaches the microphones. On the second floor, you can sit at your computer and, with a click, discover the "Zodiac 2023" collection of NFTs, forecasting the signs of innovation. 

The outdoor space now has an auditorium with futuristic design, where presentations on new trends in innovation and debates with guests will be held. 

A flying motorcycle has also been placed, so that the more curious avatars can get a bird's-eye view of the metaverse and along the way "collect" some coins, the "Instinct Coins" ;-). 

Also in the outdoor area, there is a space with portals to access spaces in the metaverse developed by Instinct, such as MEO and RFM, and, in a few days, two more new spaces (which are under development) will be highlighted here. These new projects, still under development, will also use this new technology.

To enter Instinct's office in the metaverse, simply go to