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Instinct launches "Zodiac 2023" NFT collection dedicated to innovation

Who hasn't read the horoscope at the beginning of a new year? Even the least believers in astrology cannot have resisted their curiosity.

In order to provide a positive momentum at the start of the year, which many companies anticipate as a difficult year, we have launched a unique collection of 120 NFTs entitled ZODIAC 2023.

This collection is composed of 12 characters, the 12 signs of innovation: The influencer, The explorer, The experience creator, The activist, The marketeer, The innovator, The creative, The guru, The eternal entrepreneur, The data freak, The geek, and The crypto believer.

Presented on Instinct's website at, each NFT, available in 10 unique copies, depicts Big Data Astral forecasts for each sign. The NFTs are free, but to generate them users must pay network transaction costs (gas fee) of a few cents. In this case, the network used to create the smart contract was Polygon. Each user can only receive one sign of the innovation, an NFT that is automatically generated (minted) for each one (wallet) and can later be consulted in the wallet or on marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Demystifying and accelerating web3 digital literacy is another of the goals of this initiative from Instinct, as an innovation agency that has developed some projects of this new generation of internet, such as MEO's Metaverse and RFM's Metaverse.

About NFTs:
An NFT (non fungible token), is a unique digital asset verified by blockchain. There is a huge potential for digital art and brands in applying NFTs both in terms of brand awareness and in developing new business models. NFTs have numerous possible applications, for example, they can also be access keys to private zones in the virtual or physical world.

Bob Iger, CEO of Disney recently said, "In our generation we have forgotten that things don't just have to exist physically. They can be digital and have meaning for people. As long as they're backed up on blockchain, and so I think we're going to see an explosion of things being created, transacted and collected on NFTs."

Source: Decrypt