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NFT Zodiac 2023 Collection

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16 January 2023

Instinct creates NFT collection with innovation forecast for 2023

Instinct has just launched a 120 NFT collection entitled Zodiac 2023, dedicated to innovation. The collection consists of 12 characters, presented as the 12 signs of innovation.




January 16, 2023

Instinct reads "Zodiac 2023"

Instinct launches "ZODIAC 2023", a collection of 120 NFT, composed of 12 signs of innovation. The agency's goal is to provide a positive moment in the beginning of the year, and to demystify and accelerate Web 3.0 digital literacy.


January 17, 2023

Did you know that there are 12 signs of innovation? One of them could be yours

Who has never read the horoscope at the beginning of a new year? It is likely that the curiosity has not escaped even the least believers. Thinking of all those who may be more or less fond of this subject, the agency Instinct has launched a collection of 120 NFTs.